Helping out a friend who got wet #bumblebee #swedenFTW #upnorth #RescueMission

Keep on truckin’ 64.44530° N, 21.61540° E

Letting my children experience a musical for the first time in there life. Peter Pan on a stage out in the free. Wonderful summer evening. Great actors. Good coffee! 🎭♥️☀️☕ #musical #PeterPan #summervacation #swedenFTW #upnorthinsweden

What a wonderful evening. I wish that everyone once in a while have the opportunity to experience the northern parts of Sweden. #sweden #skellefteå #swedenFTW #summervacation Having some trouble with KDE neon on my laptop. KDE is hitting the CPU hard. Don’t know why. It’s been a while but I think its time to goRead more »

It’s pouring down. We are keeping us warm with coffee for us grownups and lollipops for the little ones. Harry Potter audiobook on the stereo. Life is quite good #mentalhealth #roadtrip #sweden #upnorthinsweden

A bunch of post from last month fosstodon activity  22-06-20 For me, winter has become a hell. Mentally. I think it always has been this way, but it’s first now, when I’m “all grown up” that I can see it, feel it. I love the light and the warmth. I need to point out thatRead more »

Road trip to Gubbdata demo party in Lund. Beautiful weather, strong drinks, old smelly computers. What’s not to like!