My Nine year old son wants to be “YouTuber”. So i installed OBS and KDE Live on his windows PC. Worked like a charm. Now we are rendering the final cut, soon to be released to the World (aka mum, dad and other relatives). He’s PC is running a little hot 🔥🌡️😂☕ #KDELive #OBS #youtubeRead more »

Went into town for a cup of NITRO COFFEE ☕ and a chat with h.g.v.k.h.n.s.s.n We where giggling before and O’boy was we giggling after this extremely good beverage. If you have some time to spare take a listen to my friends droney music Instagram 📷 SoundCloud 🎧 The place for quality coffee:   KaffelabbetRead more »

First workweek done. Now, focusing all my mental power to remember the beautiful summer vacation i just had.

Me: My son, what is this you are reading?Him: THIS, oooold man, is One piece! Did i say you are old? Back hom from vacation (and the library). Making my own cup of Joe, my way, i my home. That’s one of the greatest feelings. Beautiful weather outside and a good cup of coffee.Keep onRead more »

Took my son down to the harbour. Eating ice cream in the evening sun. He is my hero. Brave and wise… and funny! ❤ #IceCream #TheHarbour #GothenburgaFTW #Fujifilm #x100f

Revisiting “Buddy Does Seattle” again. Sitting outside on my porch with the rain lingering at the horizon and laughing so loud that my neighbors starting to give me strange looks 🤣 #comics #vacation