My Nine year old son wants to be “YouTuber”. So i installed OBS and KDE Live on his windows PC. Worked like a charm. Now we are rendering the final cut, soon to be released to the World (aka mum, dad and other relatives). He’s PC is running a little hot 🔥🌡️😂☕

#KDELive #OBS #youtube #RenderingLikeItIsHot

The storm is coming. Brace yourself!

Aarrgghh for frak sake. Why was i so stupid to start updating this beauty now!? I need to be ready to leave in a couple of hours… 😅. This will take for ever

#GPiCase #slow


Me: My son, what is this you are reading?
Him: THIS, oooold man, is One piece! Did i say you are old?

Back hom from vacation (and the library). Making my own cup of Joe, my way, i my home. That’s one of the greatest feelings. Beautiful weather outside and a good cup of coffee.
Keep on truckin’ and be excellent to each other!

#upnorth #gothenburg #chemex #coffee

The horror when you forgot the charger @ home … (Lucky me, being in a library. Won’t go without tings to read. )


Celebrating my wife’s birthday today. I’m so grateful for everything i have in my life. Our children. The house we bought. The way she looks @ me.

#love #life #EasyLiving #TheSmallThings

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🎵 One last toooOOooOOot before I go. In last tooOOOoOOOt for the road! 🎵

🧙‍♂️ ☕


#computerpron #retro #3dArt #INeedThis


So tired. I have been to a conference @ work. Talking about tech stuff and enterprise architecture. Drank some wine, played some games and forgot to sleep.
Now I’m on a train back to my hometown. All i want to do is to sleep in my own bed.