I must go on another work related trip to the big city tomorrow. The train leaves early and later in the evening there is a airplane with my (an many others) name on it. Flying to Visby for a two day meeting. I know I will have fun and lots of new ideas but… I just want to stay @ home and help my kids with homework. Take care of my wife. Drick some coffee in total silence… I am becoming old. So, without any further ado: how do you do, fello kids!!

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Been on the move since 05:40. Soon arriving in the big city. The Bossman called to say he will be late. He him self is also making his way to the capital of Sweden. But know this! I have a Lussebulle and is very grateful. Keep on truckin ‘n’ tooting #sweden

2022-12-04 12:57

Städar och fäjjar hemma. Lillgrabben är sjuk. Lyssnar på Rasmus på luffen. Jag lyssnar på poddar.

Hard Fork: Elon’s Two-Day War with Apple + How to Beat an A.I. Censor + S.B.F.’s ‘Bad Month’

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2022-12-04 11:41

Väldigt intressant läsning: Vem äger vår identitet i ett allt mer digitaliserat Sverige. Hur blev det så här?  https://www.svd.se/a/2BVpJr/vad-har-bankerna-med-vara-identiteter-att-skaffa

länk till txt med artikeln för er som inte har SvD : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1jH9IdURstInuKXwwPghjH1vpekaqLYVN/view?usp=drivesdk

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