I failed to brew my cup of coffee this morning. i honestly don’t know how it went this sour. But this picked me up and made my morning golden! OutHorse your email ✉️ 🐎

“Disconnect from work and let the horses of Iceland reply to your emails while you are on vacation. (Seriously)”



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I dont know what has happened with me lately? Way am i only posting pictures of my garden and our rabbits. Is this an age-thing?
And with that out of the way, here is two foto of our rabbits snöflingan and Skumtomten.

Today, dinner in the garden. And soon away on a lecture about the unknown


I just had to stap way from the computer. My children was eating ice cream in the garden together with Snöflingan och Skumtomten. Thats a party i don’t want to miss!

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Made some (extrem) quick sketches at work today. I was in a rush. They are part of a PPT that hopefully will get management to approve an long term investment. Now that i am looking at them i find them to be almost to cute and silly.