Ohoy sailros! Lets start start the day. Snow outside. Warm inside. A cop of joe. Whats not to like?

Det var kanske inte bättre förr men det är nog fasiken sämre nu! Dricker en balja kaffe och kollar på youtube-klipp från 10år tillbaka. strax innan influencers och Instagram psykos (jag kanske överdriver en gnutta). Nu är det brasilianska rumplyft. Falsk lyx. Hård yta och tomt ett innre. Kärlek är en produkt du kan köpa.Read more »

Went into town for a cup of NITRO COFFEE ☕ and a chat with h.g.v.k.h.n.s.s.n We where giggling before and O’boy was we giggling after this extremely good beverage. If you have some time to spare take a listen to my friends droney music Instagram 📷 https://instagram.com/h_g_v_k_h_n_s_s_n?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y= SoundCloud 🎧https://soundcloud.app.goo.gl/jbjVV The place for quality coffee:   KaffelabbetRead more »

Celebrating my wife’s birthday today. I’m so grateful for everything i have in my life. Our children. The house we bought. The way she looks @ me. #love #life #EasyLiving #TheSmallThings If you want to do yourself a favor, head over to my friend Karl Krooks Instagram. https://instagram.com/karl_krook?igshi…d=YmMyMTA2M2Y= 🎵 One last toooOOooOOot before I go.Read more »

Remembering my summer. Morning and night. Same mountain – different expression. Almost everybody was asleep. Just me and a cup of hot beverage. Up north in Sweden. #sweden One more picture from this summer. My Lighthouse, one of my heroes and the biggest heart in the strongest human i ever met. Im thinking about startingRead more »