My Nine year old son wants to be “YouTuber”. So i installed OBS and KDE Live on his windows PC. Worked like a charm. Now we are rendering the final cut, soon to be released to the World (aka mum, dad and other relatives). He’s PC is running a little hot 🔥🌡️😂☕

#KDELive #OBS #youtube #RenderingLikeItIsHot

The storm is coming. Brace yourself!

Aarrgghh for frak sake. Why was i so stupid to start updating this beauty now!? I need to be ready to leave in a couple of hours… 😅. This will take for ever

#GPiCase #slow


What a wonderful evening.
I wish that everyone once in a while have the opportunity to experience the northern parts of Sweden.

#sweden #skellefteå #swedenFTW #summervacation

Having some trouble with KDE neon on my laptop. KDE is hitting the CPU hard. Don’t know why. It’s been a while but I think its time to go back to debian as my main OS.
(Flatpak is making the debian-life much more enjoyable)

#debian #distrohopping

Some kind of flower. Quick sketch while the mosquitos was having a feast on my blood.

#sketch #flower #summervacation


In a cab. Backseat driving. Leaving the west coast for a couple of days. Visiting colleagues in Visby on the island Gotland. Going to talk about what it means to be an information driven workplace. It is sunny at the east coast and rainy here in Gothenburg, as usual. This is why the call my hometown little London 😅☕

#rain #airport #gothenburg #visby