Hade en underbar helg på Labäckens scoutgård. Tema var vilda västern. Det grävdes guld och fångades banditer. Ledarna hade föreställningar som pågick mitt under lägret som involverade barnen. Fantastiskt ordnat. Påbörjat att läsa Cory Doctorows Red Team Blues. Mycket bra hittils.

My Nine year old son wants to be “YouTuber”. So i installed OBS and KDE Live on his windows PC. Worked like a charm. Now we are rendering the final cut, soon to be released to the World (aka mum, dad and other relatives). He’s PC is running a little hot 🔥🌡️😂☕ #KDELive #OBS #youtubeRead more »

Helping out a friend who got wet #bumblebee #swedenFTW #upnorth #RescueMission

Keep on truckin’ 64.44530° N, 21.61540° E

Letting my children experience a musical for the first time in there life. Peter Pan on a stage out in the free. Wonderful summer evening. Great actors. Good coffee! 🎭♥️☀️☕ #musical #PeterPan #summervacation #swedenFTW #upnorthinsweden

What a wonderful evening. I wish that everyone once in a while have the opportunity to experience the northern parts of Sweden. #sweden #skellefteå #swedenFTW #summervacation Having some trouble with KDE neon on my laptop. KDE is hitting the CPU hard. Don’t know why. It’s been a while but I think its time to goRead more »

It’s pouring down. We are keeping us warm with coffee for us grownups and lollipops for the little ones. Harry Potter audiobook on the stereo. Life is quite good #mentalhealth #roadtrip #sweden #upnorthinsweden

In a cab. Backseat driving. Leaving the west coast for a couple of days. Visiting colleagues in Visby on the island Gotland. Going to talk about what it means to be an information driven workplace. It is sunny at the east coast and rainy here in Gothenburg, as usual. This is why the call myRead more »

Out and about #blackandwhite #photography #b&w #rain

I took some time off and walked my son to school today. He is nine years old and loves exploring. There IS a paved road to school but he always takes the long way – through the park 🎒 ♥️🌳 Weather forecast: partly cloudy. Rain in the afternoon. ☔ #parenting #weather #park

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