Hemma igen efter tre dagar på Visby. Förutom att jag åkte på en förkylning på flyget hem var det en riktigt bra resa. Jag han till och med ett dopp på “Kallis” onsdag kväll.

Keep on truckin’ 64.44530° N, 21.61540° E

Letting my children experience a musical for the first time in there life. Peter Pan on a stage out in the free. Wonderful summer evening. Great actors. Good coffee! 🎭♥️☀️☕ #musical #PeterPan #summervacation #swedenFTW #upnorthinsweden

I took some time off and walked my son to school today. He is nine years old and loves exploring. There IS a paved road to school but he always takes the long way – through the park 🎒 ♥️🌳 Weather forecast: partly cloudy. Rain in the afternoon. ☔ #parenting #weather #park