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For me, winter has become a hell. Mentally. I think it always has been this way, but it’s first now, when I’m “all grown up” that I can see it, feel it. I love the light and the warmth. I need to point out that it’s not like I’m suffering or needs to see a doctor. Its more like a struggle. A long, dark struggle. Through the darkness towards the bright long days and warm nights.

I’m giving me a task this summer: to take notes on everything that makes the summer life good and bearable


22.06.12 Early morning kickin’!

Outside my window while traveling back in time
#artificiellintelligens #ai #timetravel
Outside my window while traveling back in time
#artificiellintelligens #ai #timetravel
Outside my window while traveling back in time
#artificiellintelligens #ai #timetravel


In a cab. Backseat driving. Leaving the west coast for a couple of days. Visiting colleagues in Visby on the island Gotland. Going to talk about what it means to be an information driven workplace. It is sunny at the east coast and rainy here in Gothenburg, as usual. This is why the call my hometown little London 😅☕

#rain #airport #gothenburg #visby


Celebrating my wife’s birthday today. I’m so grateful for everything i have in my life. Our children. The house we bought. The way she looks @ me.

#love #life #EasyLiving #TheSmallThings

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🎵 One last toooOOooOOot before I go. In last tooOOOoOOOt for the road! 🎵

🧙‍♂️ ☕


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