Hemma igen efter tre dagar på Visby. Förutom att jag åkte på en förkylning på flyget hem var det en riktigt bra resa. Jag han till och med ett dopp på “Kallis” onsdag kväll.

I must go on another work related trip to the big city tomorrow. The train leaves early and later in the evening there is a airplane with my (an many others) name on it. Flying to Visby for a two day meeting. I know I will have fun and lots of new ideas but… IRead more »

Back home on the west coast. Hade a wonderful time in Visby. #visby #gothenburg

In a cab. Backseat driving. Leaving the west coast for a couple of days. Visiting colleagues in Visby on the island Gotland. Going to talk about what it means to be an information driven workplace. It is sunny at the east coast and rainy here in Gothenburg, as usual. This is why the call myRead more »