Sitter och dricker kaffe och äta knäckemacka med egenodlad sallad på. Det nog bland det bästa jag vet. Det har regnat hela natten. Kommer mer mörka moln från sydväst. P1 ekonomi snackar om räntor. Jag fortsätter äta knäckebröd. #KeepOnTrukin

Took my son down to the harbour. Eating ice cream in the evening sun. He is my hero. Brave and wise… and funny! ❤ #IceCream #TheHarbour #GothenburgaFTW #Fujifilm #x100f

Remembering my summer. Morning and night. Same mountain – different expression. Almost everybody was asleep. Just me and a cup of hot beverage. Up north in Sweden. #sweden One more picture from this summer. My Lighthouse, one of my heroes and the biggest heart in the strongest human i ever met. Im thinking about startingRead more »