My Nine year old son wants to be “YouTuber”. So i installed OBS and KDE Live on his windows PC. Worked like a charm. Now we are rendering the final cut, soon to be released to the World (aka mum, dad and other relatives). He’s PC is running a little hot 🔥🌡️😂☕

#KDELive #OBS #youtube #RenderingLikeItIsHot

The storm is coming. Brace yourself!

Aarrgghh for frak sake. Why was i so stupid to start updating this beauty now!? I need to be ready to leave in a couple of hours… 😅. This will take for ever

#GPiCase #slow


Went into town for a cup of NITRO COFFEE ☕ and a chat with h.g.v.k.h.n.s.s.n

We where giggling before and O’boy was we giggling after this extremely good beverage.

If you have some time to spare take a listen to my friends droney music

Instagram 📷 https://instagram.com/h_g_v_k_h_n_s_s_n?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=

SoundCloud 🎧

The place for quality coffee:  


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There’s something extremely soothing with a computer without fans. This RPI400 is quickly becoming my favorite computer. If only it was a laptop.. That would be awesome as h*ll!

#raspberrypi400 #rpi400 #ffanless #computing #AllYouNeed


Me: My son, what is this you are reading?
Him: THIS, oooold man, is One piece! Did i say you are old?

Back hom from vacation (and the library). Making my own cup of Joe, my way, i my home. That’s one of the greatest feelings. Beautiful weather outside and a good cup of coffee.
Keep on truckin’ and be excellent to each other!

#upnorth #gothenburg #chemex #coffee

The horror when you forgot the charger @ home … (Lucky me, being in a library. Won’t go without tings to read. )


I just had to stap way from the computer. My children was eating ice cream in the garden together with Snöflingan och Skumtomten. Thats a party i don’t want to miss!

#IceCream #rabbits #garden #SliceOfLife #MentalHealth

Made some (extrem) quick sketches at work today. I was in a rush. They are part of a PPT that hopefully will get management to approve an long term investment. Now that i am looking at them i find them to be almost to cute and silly.


The city is in a constant flux. I dont know if its a good och bad thing. Im learning towards “a good thing”. Old buildings are beautiful. Newer ones will soon be Old. Ask me again in 40 years.
#sliceoflife #Sweden #flux

I had to take a stroll last evening. Been sitting on my ass in front of the computer all day. Almost no breaks. Talking with a friend in the phone. One foot in front of the other. Switch. Repeat. This is a graveyard not far from my home. A beautiful evening!
#SliceOfLife #sweden #MentalHealh

Beautiful illustrations from Shinjiro Ogawa