2022-12-10 09:30

☃️🎄🎄 🎄

Every year, me and my wife makes a Christmas calendar for our children. This year it’s pokemon card’s. And every Saturday they will each get a whole pack.

My, oh my is it unfair this Christmas?! Yes it is. The oldest one is now TWO “golden vmax rare cards” richer while the other kid is … well he is 😭. A lot.

(What he does not know is that i have two golden vmax hidden 🗝️ in the basement for this kind of emergencies.)


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Me: My son, what is this you are reading?
Him: THIS, oooold man, is One piece! Did i say you are old?

Back hom from vacation (and the library). Making my own cup of Joe, my way, i my home. That’s one of the greatest feelings. Beautiful weather outside and a good cup of coffee.
Keep on truckin’ and be excellent to each other!

#upnorth #gothenburg #chemex #coffee

The horror when you forgot the charger @ home … (Lucky me, being in a library. Won’t go without tings to read. )