For the first year, we have flowers on our first apple tree! And there are a lot of flowers! 🍎♥️

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Tiden är en märklig grej

(English: Time is a peculiar thing )

Watching Garden state – again.
If you haven’t seen it… See it now

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So tired. I have been to a conference @ work. Talking about tech stuff and enterprise architecture. Drank some wine, played some games and forgot to sleep.
Now I’m on a train back to my hometown. All i want to do is to sleep in my own bed.


Please, won’t someone go to my other computer en export the OPML-file from my Firefox feedbro add-on and email it to me?
I’m so fricking tired after sleeping in a tent in minus 2 degrees! ⛄

I just want to sit on my balcony and read my RRSes on my x220. Pretty please, someone? 🤣



Remembering my summer. Morning and night. Same mountain – different expression. Almost everybody was asleep. Just me and a cup of hot beverage. Up north in Sweden.


One more picture from this summer. My Lighthouse, one of my heroes and the biggest heart in the strongest human i ever met.

Im thinking about starting my own BBS. Telnet and all that jazz. is there any good bbs-software for a Raspberry Pi? #bbs #retrocomputing #telnet

Paul Robertson #tips #artist #pixelart



I dont know what has happened with me lately? Way am i only posting pictures of my garden and our rabbits. Is this an age-thing?
And with that out of the way, here is two foto of our rabbits snöflingan and Skumtomten.

Today, dinner in the garden. And soon away on a lecture about the unknown